Friday, March 4, 2016

Custom content creation time

Hi! I think it's time to create more custom content for TWZ. So the first thing was to take some references from the "Sheriff's Department" in TWD. I never came in contact with firearms or with the police in real life so I have no clue on this field. Well, there is a shower area, including some lockers so I think it is a staff/squad area. The armory looked kinda old but I may try to create something similar. I have also talked with SwagHauler who knows a lot about this stuff and noted all the important things down. He also mentioned about gun safe which piqued my interest! I did a bit of research about gun safes and I think I will try to create one for Contagion.

So the next thing what I did was custom animation. After looking at some tutorials I decided to create some simple animations for the weapon locker in Contagion.
It took me quite a while but I finally created my first custom animation which is an opening sequence! The same thing goes for the safe that you can find in ce_harvest :)

Well, there is still a lot of work to do and even though the game is kinda dead atm I will keep on moving forward because once I've started something I would like to finish it :)

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