Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gun Safe

Creating custom animation for Source Engine is much more complicated than I thought because I couldn't find much help on Youtube or with Google.
Some videos just explain how to port custom models to the Source Engine or using a different modelling programm.
Most of the information in Valve dev wiki requires an advanced understanding in animation.

I do got the animation to work last time but the collision model was messed up and I just didn't notice it :D So in this 2 weeks I worked on a gun safe.
Modelling is no problem but I wasted 3 days to figure out how to animate it right >.< When I was totally frustrated I finally asked Rectus for help!
He created a gun with custom animation not long ago so I could only pray that he may know a solution for this and thank god he did :)
He shared me a reference and I studied it and with a lot of trial and error I finally got the gun safe completely animated with 6 simple animations!

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