Saturday, February 27, 2016

Polishing the map until it turns into a diamond - HotZ 2.35 to 2.45

Oho, another HotZ update? Yes, another one. While I was working on TWZ I encountered an issue that I couldn't fix so I tried to deinstall Contagion. You might know what happened afterwards: It deleted everything including my HotZ files! This is the first time that steam deletes any related custom content for the game too. Well, so I was working on HotZ again and found some stuff that could be improved and some minor issues that could need a fix. The todo list became bigger while I was working on so in the end it turned into a decent update :

My Google Drive

Highschool of the Zed

Changelog in v2.45 Update date: 02-27-2015
- Removed the red nose from my cute little teddy.
- Changed the phone messages related to the keycode objective.
- Accidentally deleted the latest HotZ build (christmas update). Remade it again.
- Fixed some minor texture issues.
- Fixed some floating props in the 3D skybox.
- Fixed some replacement issues from the last Contagion content update.
- Rollerdoor decal issue fixed (Shooting it displays the whole surface with bullet holes)
- Fixed almost every spot where zombies tends to stuck a lot = smart zombies.
- Fixed a godspot inside the small garage on the roof.
- Fixed a not pickable ammo spawn.
- Optimized map a little.
- Changed Cyprus park gates title to Highschool of the Zed.
- Added some lights for the yellow escape bus to get more attention.
- Added a little more details.
- Added pickable coins into the map.
- Tweaked zombie spawn trigger on the third floor.
- Decreased the constant zombiespawn count in the outside area.
- Added "Used Zombie Panic Contentlist.txt" inside the VPK.

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