Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bug fixes & Scary Event! - ce_hotz v.1.45 - 1.50 BETA

It's good to have your own server and players around who knows stuff that even I don't know haha. Great feedback from the community and from some of my Contagion friends as always :3 So I fixed a few no biggie issues and wanted to do more scary events but my map reached the limit again. So I can only create one more scary event and I worked on it for 4 days to make it the scariest one >:D You know what I mean when you encounter it muhaha.

Here is the new changelog:

- Fixed typo on Broadcastroom sign
- Library is not accessible without keys now
- Fixed overlapping brushes outside the office
- Added missing soundzone
- Added dynamic clouds
- Increased scary events to 35 %
- Added one more scary event

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