Sunday, January 11, 2015

Optimization & Easy difficulty - ce_hotz v.1.50 - 1.55

This time I focused on optimizing my map. It is a boring task if you ask me but it must be done and the result is not bad :) The lag that happens on the roof is gone now when I play it with my notebook :D Another big change is the easy difficulty. I tried to make it very easy for the casual players. I tested it myself and yeah it is pretty easy, you can rambo you way up to the roof and kill everything before you escape haha.

This is the last update for my map so I removed the beta tag from the workshop but that doesn't mean there will be no more updates :P Just msg me on steam or write a comment here if there is something wrong with my map and I will fix it ASAP :)

Here is the whole changelog:

- Optimized the map for low end PC/notebook
- Increased brightness on light environment a little
- Fixed not pickable ammo shells
- Improved the army radio objective
- Improved the teddy event
- Increased the chance to encounter scary events to 40 % on each event. Teddy event will get 44 %
- Changed and increased the weapon & ammo drops on easy difficulty
- Tweaked the difficulty on easy - There will be no riot zombies and less zombies in the finale
- Removed christmas props :(
- Added more details
- Updated Vscript
- Updated Readme.txt
- Removed HOTZ Beta tag

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