Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bug fixes & Scary Events! - ce_hotz v.1.40 - 1.45 BETA

Dang! Finally get to make some scary events :3 Each scary events may be appear on my map now. (25% change to encounter one)
Another important change is the zombiespawn for the finale. I changed a lot of things and now they are finally spawning where I wanted them to :)

Here is the new changelog:

- Added 4 Scary Events (25 % change to encounter scary events)
- Added more details
- Improved nav meshes
- Added more weapon/ammo spawnpoints
- Increased weapon/ammo drop on normal difficulty
- Increased arsenal in weapon locker
- Increased environment brightness
- Changed the zombiespawn-system in grand finale
- Slowed down the spawn rate to 50 sec per wave
- Fixed the last objective
- Fixed possible interruptions due other players on some objectives
- Reduced the time to shutdown the pipesystem
- Ladder is much easier to grab now. (No more jumping, just climb up and grab it)
- Player zombie can open certain classroom-doors now
- Foodbar glitch should be finally fixed now

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