Saturday, November 8, 2014

Random objectives - ce_hotz v.0.97.5

Long time no see fellows! Time to inform you about the process of my map :3 Making objectives is not an easy task, especially if you want them to be realistic, entertaining and RANDOM! I tried to make each objective as unique as possible and tested many potential entities out that may be used for this purpose. I created some custom textures and custom models with propper for those objectives :)

Here is a summary about the objectives on my map:

- In total there will be 14 objectives or more when the map is released
- Some main objectives are random which means you could get the hardest or easiest main objectives in one go but normally it will be a mix of both.
- All pickable objective items are totally random.

- Friendly objective system against griefers:
+ There will be always two pickable objective items. (Not counting the custom ones here!)
+ If a survivor picks up a custom item it will count for the whole team but in some cases only the survivor who has that item can use it.
Such an objective item will respawn in 2-3 minutes.

Most of the objectives are done except the grand finale one.

And here is another sneak peek featuring the warehouse office:

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