Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Survery for a better gameplay experience.

Hi guys:) My map ce_hotz is almost at the final stage. I need more inputs for the gameplay in my map so I created a survey. It only takes one or two minutes! Head here to fill out the form :D Thx for the help!

Update: Ok I got some feedback and to tell you the truth I only focused my map on the co-op aspect so there is no player zombie route on the map at the moment. I hate to play as zombie in escape maps generally...and not because I suck but it feels like I'm here to ruin the fun for all the players who only want to play the coop part. Especially on this map which is totally focused on the co-op part plus there will be scary events. Well, I need more time than expected since most of the participants want zombie players ingame.

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