Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! & Process - ce_hotz v.0.97

Hello there! Hope you enjoy your Halloween :D I'm still working very hard on my project! It will be one hell of an escape map that's for sure :)

Thanks to simrik (He was Lead Sound Designer in Contagion) I know how to import custom sounds to Contagion now but there is one thing I can't solve...playing sounds immediately! This system with ambient sound and sound zone works only in trigger fields which means it needs the player to move into this trigger to play a sound! For example if a player pressing on a button but don't won't play the sound at all until the player moves! This is a serious problem! All the custom objects for interactions will be out of sync if this happens lol. I need help so I posted it on the forum and asked simrik for help but everyone seems to be busy at the moment so I will put this feature on hold until I get help from anyone... Well after this mess I invested my free time fully on Vscript and created some realistic randomized main objectives for the first and second floor :D

I didn't want to show this picture but it suits for Halloween so why not! Hahaha! Embrace the horror:

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