Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lots of problems & Outside part III - ce_hotz v.0.94

Good day fellow survivors :) I'm almost done with the outside and hope it looks good and not out of place in the end :S

I encountered another problem yesterday. It's a compile problem since the vrad.exe will crash around 1.5 GB RAM usage due to the 32Bit program RAM limit lol (damn old hammer editor...) Took a whole day to fix it :(

Another problem is that my BSP file is too big for the workshop at the moment (dumb annoying upload limit!) so if the devs don't do anything I think it won't be available in the workshop which is really really sad :(. I asked TopHATTwaffle (who post those awesome mapping tutorials :D) for advice and the solution from him would be to compile it for HDR only and ship it that way but I doubt it would be enough since I'm not even done with my map and it gets bigger and bigger :S

Used a lot of references here and it looks great!:

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