Friday, October 17, 2014

Lots of problems II & Outside part IV - ce_hotz v.0.95

Another fast update my readers :D I finally overdid it with my map haha! At first it was VRAD.exe and now I exceeded the texinfo limit which means the information of the textures on the brushes. The problem is that I can't compile it with my 3D Skybox in this state... I have to reduce the texinfo somehow so I tested it with propper :D Propper is a compile tool that compiles brushes into props and prop information are not stored in the same group as texinfo :P

Another problem was the BSP limit but Tatsur0 the Developer of Contagion may do something about it :) Rectus a very experienced mapper told me that Contagion has no HDR turn off support which means that I can compile it only with HDR without worry! I tested it and now it finally went under 100 MB! :D

This week is really intense! I need to blow off some steam by uploading some sneak peek :D

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