Thursday, October 9, 2014

Outside part II - ce_hotz v.0.93

It's time to spill the beans :D I wasted a whole day to get the water texture working ingame. It caused me despair and frustration :/ Only one texture worked and it was on the community guide from [SC} | [BB2] JonnyBoy0719 (btw he is project lead of Braindead 2!) but I wanted to know why, so I looked everywhere to find a solution but everything failed... So I asked Keppu for help cause he is a nice guy and had used a water texture before :) I finally solved the problem with Keppu's help. I need a fog_controller to see the water surface of the texture. That problem somehow occurs only in Contagion that's why I couldn't find anything related to that problem.

Well anyway another challenge followed after that mess. I got stuck on portal flow, so I had to optimize my skybox and make it as small as possible and...OH! I forgot to optimize the roof! :/ So much stuff to do~.

It's time to show off what I have done so far...the sportsman among us will love it :3 :

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