Thursday, October 23, 2014

3D Skybox & Optimization + Source Engine Issues - ce_hotz v.0.96

Creating a 3D Skybox seems to be much harder than I thought and there aren't much assets for it :( Would be cool if Contagion has more different tree's but oh well... I wanted to use some references from HOTD but sadly there aren't enough blend textures and skybox props so I have to do something on my own :S Took a while until I was satisfied with the outcome :P

I compiled and tested it. The performance is really poor and I lag like shit with 10-15 FPS XD So it's time to for optimization!! I really hate that part but it must be done. Used hint and areaportal here and there and got immediately some annoying problems:

1. Areaportal don't like the water shader
2. Areaportal don't like mirror's
3. Too many hints and skip will overload portalflow (This broke my whole savefile :/)


1. Used fake water.
2. Place mirror somewhere else.
3. Used old savefile and rebuild the missing stuff but carefully saving every step.

The end result is great! I can at least run around without lag with high settings :P The next step will be soundscripting!

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