Friday, September 4, 2015

Wrapping up the HOTZ project & peeking into the new update.

Hi folks! I have been cleaning and sorting out all the files that I have used for the HOTZ project so far. Note to myself: The bigger a project gets the more messier it will get in the end. So before I continue with my next project I decided to organize everything first so I won't get into trouble afterwards if any issues occurs on my first map and I don't know what is what which will cost more time in the end.

Since I'm done with the HOTZ project, I had finally some spare time to peek into the new update. Well, there is some great news for those who wanted new zombie skins. I found 30 unused different new zombies types with different outfits! Civilian, scientist and jail outfits :) I doubt they will add it in the next update but at least we know what they are working on it right now. They don't have any animation though... maybe the devs will add the new animation into those zombies. There are also the zombie models from the remaining survivors who don't have one yet.

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