Wednesday, September 9, 2015

HOTZ v2.15 to v2.20

HOTZ is complete now which means no more patches unless Contagion updates break the map.
Please unsubscribe from the current HOTZ addons and replace the old files with the 4 new VPK files in your
...Steam\SteamApps\common\Contagion\contagion\addons folder.

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Highschool of the Zed

Changelog in v2.20 Update date: 09-09-2015

- Old RPD chair props having normal mapping problems fixed.
- Reverted replaced model with the old models.
- Fixed old models having texture issue since the new update.
- Corrected monitor that didn't highlight in the nurse room.
- Found more copyright content from Valve and replaced them.
- Changed the details a little and used some of the new models.
- Corrected description text on all of the VPKs.
- The bridge trap should be less noticeable.
- Optimized the map a bit.

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