Sunday, July 12, 2015

Who let the zombies out? - ce_hotz v.1.94 - 1.96

Heya! I'm still working very hard on the second route until I reached the limit again T.T (stuck at compiling numportals, entdata over 200 %...).
I had to optimize my map again and convert all the phys_props to static_props to save more resources but luckily it did the trick.
The basic function of the objectives are already implemented. There will be more than one objective in the second route and the finale has a random event.

Speaking of the finale on the second route, it will be much easier than the first route since the outside area is freaking big
so you can outrun them easily plus there won't be a hold out event.

Well, the next step is adding zombies outside the school which I'm working at it atm:

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