Thursday, July 16, 2015

Second Route coming soon - ce_hotz v.1.96 - 1.98

Sooo people... regarding the second route: I reached the limit with something but can't pinpoint it.
Compile log looks fine but if I start my map it just crashes the whole game so I reverted it back.
My guess is that it is something related with brushes which means no clipfix for the zombies but it doesn't affect anything if you play it normally :P

The process atm is on the final stage. I noticed high fps drop outside with all the zombies and details but it should be fine since I still can play it with
my crappy notebook :P Nav meshes are working fine, everything is connected. Just need to add sounds, tweak a little bit with the zombie and weapon/ammo spawns.

Oh yeah and I redesigned the HOTZ workshop page a bit to get more attention about the issue with the update
and the broken workshop manager which you can see if you click here.

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