Sunday, June 21, 2015

Temporary solution - HOTZ v1.70 - 1.80

Please follow these steps to play the newest version of HOTZ:
1. This is a temporary solution until the Workshop Manager works again.
2. You need to unsubscribe all the related workshop files first so it won't get overwritten with the old one.
3. Visit my google drive page and download all the VPK files.
4. Put those VPK files in your Steam\SteamApps\common\Contagion\contagion\addons folder and enjoy the map!

I only playtested it one round so write me a comment if you see something weird :)

- Light switches are easier to turn on now
- Converted all the custom textures to v1.2 and rearranged the prefix names
- Removed firefighter set
- Fixed the mess from the DLC update
- Added a new content VPK file
- Reorganized the map in hammer editor (Visgroup)
- Optimized the map a little
- Replaced and adding some DLC props
- Reducing dynamic objects to save resources

@Update: Found a small issue... I though I converted all the gore parts into static object but I guess not :x
This means you don't see any gore parts (only the teddy one) on my map until the next hotfix.

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