Friday, June 19, 2015

Contagion DLC Update killed HOTZ and Workshop Manager

I was so happy that Monochrome finally released some new content but they also have replaced some old models/props and even textures which are affecting my map HOTZ greatly!

So this update is like a double-edged sword which is good and bad at the same time. My map is a mess now and sometimes unplayable depending on the objective you get. Visit this link to find out the changes.

Well, I immediatly posted it in the forum because that is affecting all the community maps!
But in the end there is nothing I can do about it since I'm not a dev from Monochrome and they decided to pull this off even if it's affecting the custom maps. Furthermore Alex, a dev from Monochrome posted that there will be even more changes and to be honest I was like: WTF! What is this? A Contagion remake? XD....
Seriously, a lot of the old content were still very useful because some of the old models are replaced with models that have completely different designs and looks!

Hell, they could create a different model for the new ones or a DLC to activated the old classic content but nope too bad :(
Another problem that occured after the update is that it killed the Workshop Manager which means I can't even patch things up now! I can only wait until this get resolved.

It is clearly that the map and modding community is on the bottom of their priority list and this is really sad because I really like this game.
My projects will be on hold until they manage to fix the Workshop Manager. Have a good day!

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