Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Walking Zeds - My second project

My next map will be based on "The Walking Dead". After thinking for a long time I decided it as my next project for Contagion and this time I will add more of my own assets that I am creating it with blender. I want to create the town where Rick lives :) My goal is to make the map in daylight but some buildings are very dark inside which create a nice scary effect!

I rewatched the first season of TWD and only the first ep has some useful references that shows his hometown.Well, not much references... I guess I have to use my imagination again. @Update: So I researched a little about the hospital where Rick awakes in the first ep. It is called Harrison Memorial Hospital which is located in King County, Georgia which doesn't actually exist. The real location of the hospital is in Cynthiana, Kentucky a city in the United States.
It looks a tad more different then in the series with all the CG's.

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