Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Summary of Highschool of the Zed

It's been over a year since I working on HOTZ but for now I can say that the map has reached it's final stage :)

I have learned a lot from this map and I think it is one of the best workshop map in the Contagion Workshop right now. It could helped Contagion more (playerbasewise) if I released it earlier when they did the free weekend but sadly it was still WIP. This post is a summary about my map from the release date until today:

This is the statistic of the map HOTZ. Only the creator can see this page. I have no clue why I got two negative ratings :( That was at the very beginning. Maybe some guys hate me or for the trolls. The map received quite a lot of attention even with the small playerbase. I especially loved the comments from the community. It is a small playerbase but a great community and Orphanage is doing a great job on supervising the forums.

Comments from the community:

Via friendlist:

Kit: Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for the highschool of the dead map on Contagion. That is the absolute most fun I've had in a video game. Played it and won the first time and just had an amazing time. So, again. Thank you!

rx509: Hey just wanted to let you know your contagion maps are amazing i had a blast in the highschool of the zed map.

Workshop comments:

Echo: God DAMN is this one hard! Great map, absolutely fucking HUGE location and the zombie encounters aren't to be taken lightly at all. Nearly three hours for three of us attempting to escape, all met with failure and miserable deaths. This deserves to be an official map.

ReeseKS13: This absolutely deserves gold stars everywhere! Finally, a workshop item that isn't a friggin anime phone background. On top of that, great job fella :D

Wolf 4: Yup, I've just finished it and woaw men ! what a mess ! i'll just get out the safe zone through the vent and already a lot of walker, awesome, the map is beautiful, ammo are nicely hide but always totally logical, same for foods, for all objectives,in my opinion u just made a masterpiece that must be add into the official content. Great job ! I were in that corridor with teddy, uuh i nearly shit on my pants.... x) this map is awesome, totally. I'll download every map u'll post for sure. cya !

Edchina: I have never watched Highschool of the Dead, but damn, this map is amazing. Seriously, I've gotten myself thinking if this wasn't an official one, because it just works. I've spent more than 2 hours playing it, and managed to complete it solo. It was really hard but extremely fun! It looks so well built, beautifully handcrafted, challenging and smart. I loved it. This is a fucking masterpiece that everyone should play! I can't even think about how High School of the Dead fans feel about this, because their minds must be blown right now. Really awesome job man, be sure that your work was totally worth it! I never comment on mods, but you deserve it. It's awesome to see that even with a small fanbase this game sadly has, there are still people making awesome stuff for it. Great work, exactly the kind of mod this game needs. 10/10.

Silky Johnson: This is a awesome map! That Teddy bear room freaked my friend out haha it was hilarious :D! Thanks for making contagion interesting again!

^APEX^ Rhythm: Nice job on the map. The teaddy bear suprised scared the crap out of my group , wish I could have recorded what was said

Thanks for all the lovely comments :3 It means a lot to me!

Let's play videos

For the readers who haven't played my map yet. There are a handful let's play videos from my map in Youtube.
Too bad I coudn't find any video with scary events :P I watched all of them and my favourite one is this video:

I have no clue why they call it house of the zed but okay :P I created a playlist which includes all the other let's play videos and here is the link. Well, that's it what I can gather about my map HOTZ. Wish you all a great day and thanks for reading!

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