Saturday, October 4, 2014

Planning the outside of the school with references

I didn't plan to do the outside so I have to rewatch the show for references.
I have a hard time to figure out the direction of each references.
For now I will use them like this:

I sorted the references to each direction of the building. Well, it looks like a lot of work :S
I'll try to keep it as plain as possible since the survivors won't go outside on the first map release.


  1. I tried to get into Highschool of the Dead when it first came out. In the end, I guess it just wasn't for me. However, your map looks fantastic so far. It will appeal to both HOTD fans and HOTD non-fans alike. I can't wait to use your map!

  2. Hi Massac12E :D You are the first one that write a comment here so I'm really happy right now :3 I enjoyed Highschool of the Dead but it could be much better (for me at least) if they focused more on survival instead of the fanservice :P Well, I wanted to make a map that is based on an anime show because I love them so much :3 and haven't seen that a level designer did something like that before so I chose the best suited one which is HOTD :)