Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brushwork is over...or not XD - ce_hotz v.0.88 - 0.90

I'm finally done with the rooftop and already begun to learn how to use Vscript for objectives...until I remember that I have to do the 3D skybox first :P
The rooftop looks not so lonely and too dark now:

Well, it's your change now to give me some cookies with ideas before I do the objectives and special events cause I'm starving for ideas at the moment and ideas always motivates me :D I will list some ideas that I already have in mind:

- Scavenging stuff (Objective based/for Survival)
- All the objective stuff from the official maps
- Electrical obstacles, smoke obstacles
- Blow up a wall
- Scary events (My speciality)
- Hold out events (school bell suddenly makes loud sounds)
- Breakable grounds (Medic's idea)
- Easter Egg(s)
- A better realistic player spawn system
- More interactions with the enviroment (switch light on/off, open containers and so on)
- Highlight other usable props
- Custom sound from voice actors for some events

Update 03.10.2014
Hmm before doing the 3D Skybox I have to expand my map to the outside. Hope it won't take long cause there will be less detail :)

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