Sunday, May 13, 2018

TWZ is too big!? Solution & Decisions

Hello world! I overdid it again... I have been working on two seperated map files which I wanted to connect them together after completion because my old pc was incredible slow! The problem I'm facing now after this fusion is that the map is incredible big and very unstable. I manage to compile it, but couldn't generate cubemaps which adds reflections to the world! I have been trying various optimizations, but it seems that source engine can't handle it at all!

The walk from start of the map to the end takes very long which is pretty awesome and the FPS count is good, but if you noclip out of the map it will crash immediatly. It is already a miracle that I can walk in such a big detailed map! I haven't even added any gameplay elements yet and it behaves already like a bomb that is gonna explode in any minute...that's not good, lol. The map is double as wide as HotZ! I show you some comparison from the top viewpoint of the level editor:

My solution is to make two maps instead of one. YES! Freaking two maps! Even more work for me yay!...but it's the most reasonable solution imo because:
- Reducing the game length to a reasonable size for a smooth experience. // It would take 2 hours or more for ONE SESSION which is crazy and tiresome for one map!
- More room for improvements and new contents. // Who don't love more contents!
- Each map has 2 escape routes! // 1 escape route would be too boring :P
- More events.

The BIG downsides are:
- Redesigning my game design for two maps // The current stories/objectives for the two escape routes was designed for one map!
- Requires more WORK! :(

So, for now I'm focusing on completing one map first and after it is released and fully polished I will continue to work on my second map! Wish me luck!


  1. Looks like you will say farewell to Contagion with a BANG! :D

    Fingers crossed for success with this new approach ;)


  2. dont give up, contagion really needs a new amazing map like this

  3. Don't worry, I have invested too much time already to give up on this project haha XD