Sunday, September 17, 2017

Status Report - What I have been doing lately

Hi survivors! It's been a while I know... So I will give you a short summary what happened in the last month. I manage to build my pc with the parts I brought from Amazon and it worked without any issues! I brought a new monitor and will be using 2 monitors when I mod! This will speed up my workflow a bit. I also can edit and convert videos much faster than ever before so I may continue to upload some new videos in the future.

I haven't done much with TWZ yet since I started to work fulltime. I can only do so much in the weekend while trying to get a good rest from all the work. Some of you might notice the new stuff that I have posted on my art section in Steam. I'm working on a mod that change all the survivors to their zombie counterparts. I wanted to learn how to rig and it doesn't require a lot of time like TWZ. It is just a small side project and I find the idea hilarious so I did it.

BTW, I stopped my project for Brain Bread 2. It requires too much time which I don't have atm... I really want to complete TWZ before this year ends and I hope I manage to pull this off! Wish me luck! Thanks for reading :)


  1. I wish you luck and I am happy that TWZ is a priority. No offense to anyone but I played Brainbread 2 and... ohhh Contagion despite its flaws and pains is soooo much better game to play.

    I keep fingers crossed!