Friday, May 19, 2017

Rising Danger v0.15 - Hallway II

Hello folks! I have continued my work on Rising Danger and designed another hallway that leads to the office and living quarters. I decided to make this hallway a bit more modern, but BB2 lack on sci-fi textures so I needed to improvise.

I have been playing with a lot of metal textures and light textures. Most of the light textures needed illum mask so I created my own mask. Illum mask is just an alpha mask in the light texture which shows the engine which part of the light texture glows and how strong the glow should be. In this picture below I have completed the brushwork for the hallway:

This looks very good, but too clean and empty... for a ZOMBIE game heh! So I needed to breath life into this empty hallway.
The first problem is that players don't have anything to cover themselves in a gunfight so I created an e-field wall and it looks pretty cool!
The rest went pretty fast and the final result is this:

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