Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rising Danger - A story map for BrainBread 2!

Hello folks! It's time to help out the BB2 team with my third project! This is my first BrainBread 2 map and it will be designed for the new upcoming story gamemode. This map will be splitted into 2 chapters. It is possible to load the next stage like in those left 4 dead 2 campaigns where you still have all your weapons and stuff from the last chapter which is a pretty cool feature imo. Having this awesome feature means that I can go wild and make as much detail or interactive stuff as I want cause I can split my map however I want.

Rising Danger is an underground map combined with a bit of military and sci-fi themed flavour since BrainBread 2 is all about cyber implant and high-tech stuff. BrainBread 2 is a free mod which also uses a lot of contents from other source games. I will try my best to mix those contents together and turn it into something fresh and unique.

So, before creating a new map I need to plan ahead which means looking for references, figuring out the objectives (at least the main objectives) and sketching my map layout. Even if it's a little time consuming to create a map layout it will be very useful when you starting to work on your map. For example I'm working on 2 projects atm and I just need to compare my map with the layout to know where I stand at the moment and what I still need to do.

Ok, that's enough of talk for now lol. Here is the map layout for Rising Danger:

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