Sunday, September 18, 2016

Busy with work and other commitments.

Hello dear readers, you might notice about the lack of updates here.
The main reason for this is the limited freetime because of work.
I have also accepted an offer from Monochrome to test the Contagion dev build and workshop manager.
I'm all in if there is anything that will make Contagion more enjoyable so I have given the devs
my permission to include my "AI Nav Overhaul Add-on" in the next update. Most of the stuff are pretty done atm.
The only thing that is still being worked on is the workshop manager.

Besides of that I have been also given the mod status in the Contagion forum.
I won't do any PR like stuff nor do I have so much freetime to moderate the forum.
My role is simple yet important, I want to keep the community up-to-date with
the current state of development.

Some might also wondered about my dev badge that I manage to obtain it recently.
Well, I got it from JonnyBoy0719! The lead dev from Brainbread 2 (BB2) and recently also being the lead programmer of Zombie Panic! Source.
I joined in their team as a Level Designer for BB2 because I want to gain more experience by working with a team plus it's a zombie game! So why not? :D

For those dear readers who are still eagerly awaiting for TWZ rest assured. My main focus is still TWZ and I'm still working on it!
It's just that so many stuff happened in my limited freetime that I haven't find the time to post something on my blog.

So don't worry! I'm still here. Take care and have a nice day :)

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