Saturday, June 11, 2016

Giving final touches for HOTZ with a sound overhaul! - HotZ 2.45 to 2.65

This is my first map I have ever uploaded into a workshop on steam and I love to improve it whenever I can :) So I finally found out how to work with interactive Wwise sounds! Wwise is a new soundsystem implemented into the source engine by Monochrome. The official guide does not cover interactive sounds at all since they never made one. This update is also focused in sounds which does lack a little in HOTZ. There are also some improvements for this map that I noted while I watching all the let's play videos on Youtube :) I hope you like the changes:

Changelog in v2.45 Update date: 02-27-2015

Bug fixes & Improvements
- Increased a bigger range to detect the chains while trying to cut it with the bolt cutter.
- Fixed misplaced texture on ceiling (in IT-room)
- Fixed some bad placed props
- Highlighted bus door in route 2
- Improved nav meshes a bit

Sound Overhaul
- Increased the volume of some custom sounds
- Decreased AI Survivors's speech cooldown timer from 30s to 20s
- Deleted FX workaround and improved the I/O for AI Survivors
- Deleted FX workaround and improved the I/O for all "Scary Events"
- Deleted FX workaround and improved the I/O for alarm trap
- Tweaked and improved sounds for keypad
- Added interactive custom sounds for keycard readers
- Added interactive custom sounds for usable PCs
- Added interactive custom sounds for rollerdoors
- Added interactive sounds for all sliding doors
- Added interactive custom sound for preparing the ladder
- Added Interactive custom sound for putting down the toolbox
- Added custom sounds for the bus
- Highlighted, simplified and changed sound for lightswitches
- Changed button sound for generators and other devices
- Added custom sounds for rollerdoors
- Added pilot message sound for army radio

Gameplay changes
- Survivors are now able to force the teddy to trigger the scary event
- Zombies won't attack and avoid the window above the secretary (A great trap now)
- Decreased route 1 hold out time by 2 minutes.
- Increased survivors spawnpoints from 8 to 12
- Added a new msg when all lightspots are up and running as confirmation

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