Friday, April 29, 2016

Sheriff's Department Part II & Last project for Contagion? - TWZ v0.50

BrAaaiins! Oh... hi Survivors! A lot of stuff happened in this 2 weeks. So the first thing is that this will be my last project for Contagion so I don't need to be careful about hitting the limit of my remaining free space from steam cloud. I will be also closing the Zedcore Server in 15.05.2016 unless there is a high demand from gamers who wants it online but I doubt it. It is sad to close the server since it got pretty well known in Contagion and it's quite active lately maybe because of the new riot zombie balance that I added into the server.

Well, what can I say... there is no way I can support this shady company anymore and I'm done being mister nice guy either. Tatsur0 being a jerk is nothing new but there is a limit to this. I have been holding back for 2 years and after seeing Tatsur0 relying on a community user to create his stuff which I demanded multiple times just to give me the freaking soundlist argh... This guy has zero passion! It's hilarious because that community member got his map streamed a second time and being posted in the news section. No doubt that they made a deal of it but the sad thing is that this community member "Vagrant" doesn't know that he is being used to do the dirty work.

This game was so amazing at the beginning and now it turned into such a disgraceful state... it's just mind boggling how he manage to do that lol. The first hiccup when almost all the core team members from Contagion left says already a lot about his leadership and now with Joure and Orphanage gone... everyone that I know just left and moved forward so will I too after this project.

I may come back in the future and do a small project if he ever manage to fix all the bugs, adding the new animation into Contagion and completes flatline because it's kinda wasteful since I learned so much about Contagion :(

Well, putting the drama aside! :) I want this project to be as awesome as possible. That's why I demand MORE DEAD BODIES!! You see... Contagion has only a handful of corpses which is quite frankly just boring. Those markus and tony's corpses jokes are getting old and I don't really want to use them too much. That's why I started to learn how to rig a model! There is a lot of unused zombie models that may never be implemented into Contagion. They don't even have bones... but I will help those poor soulless zombies so they can at least being useful as corpse decoration for my map. So I started to rig my first specimen and manage to pull off a nice pose for him which you can see in this sneak pic:


  1. I feel you CCLsama :(

    Tatsur0 is the worst thing that happened to this game. It wont get fixed, maybe one day someone talented will become passionate about the game and make a community patch that will fix what lousy developer (yeah keep playing those stupid Friday Frenzy you worthless bastard) couldnt.


  2. Thank you wolfwood444velBazi for visiting my Blog :) A really sad outcome indeed. Using the news section for twitch streams is the first time I see in my gaming history lol.