Tuesday, December 8, 2015

HOTZ v2.20 to v2.30

I was focusing on updating my map HOTZ on the last week since the workshop is finally fixed, so I wanted to fix all the issues on my buglist first.
You don't really need to download it on other website now but no worries, I will still update the mirrors that I have published :)
Don't forget to subscribe all the related workshop items for HOTZ though!

This update has a lot of small improvements and fixes due to the improved zombie AI I could save more resources and added some small changes too.

My Google Drive


Highschool of the Zed


Changelog in v2.30 Update date: 12-06-2015
- Constrained an ammo spawn located in the burning zombie event.
- Fixed rail suddenly having no collision in the secretary.
- Fixed two godspot (nav issues) in the first finale. (On/near the table with newspaper)
- Dev improved AI! Removed invisible brushes against zombie exploit.
- Improved the pathfinding system and added new navs.
- A lot of small clipped/forbidden areas for survivors are gone now.
- Improved transition with the windows areportal at the E.C. room.
- Removed surfing on rails feature.
- Added additional random events.
- Added and removed some details.
- Improved the zombie spawnsystem in the library.
- Decreased the outside riot zombie spawn in extreme a bit.
- Added new ammo spawns and changed some old ammo spawn positions.
- Added a helper-icon to grab the ladders.
- Random weapon-set at spawn is fixed for singlerplayer now.

+ Updated HOTZ Survival guide.

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