Sunday, October 11, 2015

Harrison Memorial Hospital | Hospital Room & custom blood models - TWZ v0.15

Hello dear survivors! I changed the title from "The Walking Zed" to "The Walking Zeds" because there is a hell alot of them and it makes more sense. I was sick for the whole week and couldn't do much for the project. I got swollen lymph nodes in my neck which was caused by an infection. It was hell on earth but I'm finally feeling much better now :) I was mostly in sleep mode. To distract the pain and boredom I was thinking of ideas for my project which leads to the blood model idea. You know, blood decals can only placed on brushes but not on models, but it works if you create a model for it :P So here is the result:

The bed is full of blood which makes it more creepier. Also the bloody handprint indicates that the infected or target was trying to escape, but I guess it ended not well :( Just some little changes can have such a big impact which would be not possible with decals only! I hope you like it. Thx for reading :)

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