Friday, August 21, 2015

HOTZ Project completed?

Hello dear reader! Will there be more updates coming for HOTZ in the future you ask? Well, only bug fixes atm. HOTZ is already full packed as it is :)
I'm still working on the next update but it is almost done now and will be rolled out today or tomorrow.
Hope this update will last for a long time since I fixed all the bugs and the phone messages. (finally!)
It was a pain in the ass to test the phone messages. I had to run two clients to test it out if it works or not and repeat it until it works somehow :D
Scripting is not my strongest point so I tried as easy as possible to reproduce the a correct phone message system.

As I mentioned before in the Contagion forum that the playerbase is pretty small atm so I haven't received much feedback from HOTZ² nor I have played it on a full
server which is quite a shame. I noticed that a large portion of the playerbase are new players that are trying this game out and may eventually move to another game.
So it would make sense that a lot of them don't even use the workshop to find custom maps which explains the lack of players on my server.
That's why I turned my server into an escape server now and the result is clear: Players going in the server more frequently because of the official maps.

A special thanks to KITT again for gifting me the game Dead Realm to show his support and keep me motivated! The update wouldn't be done so fast without his support.

I hope the devs will fix everything soon and bring back a bigger playerbase so more people can enjoy this map :)

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