Friday, January 23, 2015

Minor fixes & learning Blender - ce_hotz v.1.55 - 1.58

Sup all :D Fixed some minor bugs thanks to the community. One was posted in the forum and the other one was mentioned in a let's play video :P I won't do another map very soon, it needs to be carefully planned, so I'm better off until the DLC is released... I hope they will update the sdk too, that would be awesome :)
Until then I will learn how to model with Blender, so I can add my own custom models in my maps. Some models in hotz are placeholder anyway and needs to be replaced in the future :P Here is the new changelog:

- Increased Colt and Revolver ammo to balance the SIG clip when the player spawns with one of those weapons
- Radio won't lit up if someone throws a grenade
- Decreased the health of spawned barricades a little.
- Fixed invisible ladder on "shutdown the pipe" obj.
- Fixed camping exploit in the care taker room
- Improved nav meshes on the round table in the library
- Update Vscript (Corrected some parameters, deleted playerspawn timelimit)

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