Thursday, December 18, 2014

Great community and nice feedbacks - ce_hotz v.1.30 - 1.35 BETA

I was already prepared for the worst but to my surprise, the map is receiving a lot of praise and I'm very happy to hear those lovely comments from the community :3
So I would like to give my thanks to Monochrome as well for creating such a great game :)

Thanks to the feedbacks and the change to test it out on the Contagion Xtreme Squad server, I manage to pinpoint and fixed some bugs that was undetected on solo runs. The changelog for this update is quite long but one I would like to point out is the new added content of this update which is the upgraded NPC survivor behavior towards player zombies. They now can get infected from player zombies! New voice acting sounds were created for this and I love it! :3 I had to use a trigger push to push the players when the survivor gets infected since you have to move to activate the sounds in Wwise, to avoid any sound delays.

Oh and one more thing I would like to add here is that Tabajara helped me to optimize my map for this update.
I learned a lot of things about optimization now thanks to him and he is such a nice guy! Thank you so much for the help Tabajara =)

Here is the changelog for v1.35 BETA:
- Fixed the vent problem that happens on the Contagion Xtreme Squad Server
- Survivor bots that are spawned via sb_add will follow you now
- Added a new route and one additional protection layer at the beginning
- Corrected and fixed some missing nav meshes
- Fixed missing info_overlay textures that should have been on the map release.
- Corrected some typos.
- Fixed train painting in the cafeteria.
- Added some glowstick in the vent system to guide the survivors.
- If you get the objective to disable the lockdown, the power box will glow now.
- Player Zombies have access to the student council.
- Fixed one ammo spawn that was sometimes not pickable.
- Reduced the fall damage on the duck jump challenge.
- The overlay issue that happens on some dedicated servers should be fixed now.
- Added new content
- Upgraded NPC survivor behaviour
- Slowed down the zombie spawn rate a little in the finale
- Increased ammo/weapon drops a little on every difficulty
- Optimized the map (Thanks to Tabajara)

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