Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Reaching the limit & Final Stage - ce_hotz v.0.99

Great news my fellow survivors! The map is almost done! It will be released this or next week if everything went smoothly :D
The last weekend was a disaster! My entdata went over 9000 and my map exploded! :O...ok let's say it was pretty unstable! (Over 190%!!)
Some dynamic props went to invisible mode, lightning went to Fullbright all the time and nothing works :(
I also reached the decal limit O.o So no more bloody decals huh? :(
Well fuck! I had to delete my awesome complex zombie-spawns plus the cool scavenging feature :( and I reinstalled Contagion (again X.x) to fix the fullbright bug.
Well, I guess it is unavoidable...sooner or later it will be too much :x

So this means:

- No scary events
- No scavenging feature
- No Second Route
- No new objectives
- No Zombie Player Route

BUT it is STABLE now! At least something :D The map is now in the alpha stage!
I tested it yesterday and it was very intense! Ammo was very scarce, it feels like NMRIH lol. I died 6x times. Won 1 round with cheats on lol.
And today I gave it another try with my brothers on my map and WOW it was a blast but we died... again :D
So all in all I need to tweak around the gameplay a bit until I like it.
I guess this week is all about adding zombies/zombie player spawns and balancing the gameplay :)

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