Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Being creative and waiting for ce_biotec :P - ce_hotz v.0.67 - 0.70

Hello! Time for a little report :D

The bigger the map the longer the time it takes to do new stuff :(
I did some optimization on my map but I didn't really see any improvement on my compile time so far...hmm at least I didn't overdid it with the hint brushes and areaportals :P ( I don't have any problems on low setting with my laptop so I guess it should be ok lol ). Well, the showbudget, mat_leafvis and mat_wireframe did help me a little bit there but if someone knows a better way to get more performance details, feel free to post a comment here :)

Sometimes I running around on my map to see what I can improve or what is out of place.
It really helps and I changed many things since the last update. I have start to add some objective related stuff into my map but I need to learn about the entities first that the hammer editor offers.

I did some new stuff too! The laboratory science room is done (which I don't wanna spoil now :P) which includes a chemical storage room:

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