Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Breaktime & Process - ce_hotz v.0.71 - 0.74

Hello guys! I took a little break from mapping and focused on doing some stuff in real life, until I found out from Light08 that Valve released Source Engine 2 which Dota 2 is currently using it. With the excitement over the new hammer editor, I continued my work for ce_hotz. I finally finished the 3rd floor! As always, tweaking the lights around is the most time-consuming thing ever. Hmm... I think it's uncommon to add a building that includes Principal's Office and other office rooms on the roof but I will do it anyway...maybe I just never saw one :) I hope I don't overdo it with the ent data, cause it's already over 95% and I'm not even done with the roof yet :S Well, it's time to show off a little what I have done so far :D

Here is another cool reference from HOTD where Kohta Hirano turned the gas powered nailgun into a deadly weapon!

I did quite a bit more than that but will I try to spoil as little as possible :) Here I will show you the storage area of the technical room and a laundry room for the home economics room.

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