Monday, July 21, 2014

Bad and good news - ce_hotz v.0.59 - 0.66

Many things happened before the last post! My Computer died not long ago and now my monitor wanted to go down too. (The display didn't show anything...) But I fixed it in the next few days, thx for the do-it-yourself videos on the world wide web :D.

At v0.58 I finally announced my map on the forum :) Let's hope that someone will post a comment here lol

I tried to make a brush that looks like a chemlight. Got this cool idea from SwagHauler in the Contagion forum and I'm satisfied with the outcome after many trials and failures :3

The second floor is finally complete! I added details and tweaked the light until it bleeds but it looks quite scary now :) The second floor is much darker than the main hall. I'm already feeling uneasy by testing the map myself at midnight which is a good thing :3 Like I said before I will seal the 3rd floor cause the level is already really big (VPK size is already 91 MB!) and will do the 4th floor instead which will be last floor. The 3rd floor may be the last floor.

I lost 2 days by trying to pack all the custom textures in one VPK file. Well, it was my first time and it seems that some props don't show up or it fails to load the texture for whatever unknown reason. Most of them can be fixed by correcting the path to the texture which is in vmt file. I just deleted the ones that couldn't be fixed and replaced it with something else...

@Note to myself: I have to rethink about the 3rd and 4th floor, I'm really out of ideas now...

For now it will look like this:
Cooking room Home Ec. Room, technical room,  announcement room, control room (Thx "That Uberfull Medic" for correction!) broadcast room for the broadcasting club and science laboratory will be added to the 3rd floor, some areas will be sealed.
If I do the 4th floor I would add a Principal's Office with other office rooms and a room that is being renovated.

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