Friday, March 3, 2017

Outside V - Fancy Restaurant - TWZ v0.65 & Shadows

Hello everybody! The restaurant is done and I'm working on the streets now. TWZ is much more complicated than HotZ because I have to work on a semi open world rather than just one highschool building and be done with it.

It is also bright outside and unlike in dark maps like HotZ there are a lot of shadows and I need to find the perfect angle for the sun to shine into the town which took me very long to get a decent result. While I'm creating the street and decorate it with some buildings I noticed that the shadows was too thick and black which looked really bad. One of my last pics has shadow blending over the grass, but in reality there isn't that much shadow except maybe when the sun goes down.

The outside look of the restaurant on the other side is finally done. I modified some models and added my custom model to make it look like a restaurant. I hope you like it:

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