Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fancy Restaurant II - TWZ v0.64

Hi! I'm back to leveldesign and completed the restaurant. The level is getting bigger and bigger and I fear that 3 routes might be too much so my plan is to create some buildings as decoration first and when the map is completed without any issues I may create some optional quest or just make those buildings accessible to the players :) So for now I can only show you the last part of the restaurant. It's nothing grand, but it still looks nice!

Some of you might know that I'm also working for BrainBread 2 (BB2) as Level-Designer. They have allowed me to focus on my project first which I have been working on so far and I'm grateful for that, but they are really in need of new content at the moment... So I'm working on two projects atm :S Well, the good thing is that I'm allowed to post my process wherever I like and this will be an official map for BB2 and in a brand new gamemode :)

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