Monday, July 20, 2015

Waiting for DLC update - ce_hotz v.1.98 - 2.05

Well, everything is done but the DLC got delayed... :(
Hope they can get it done this week or I will release it without the DLC weapons :P

I did a lot of playtesting last week and encountered a zombie constant spawn bug. It doesn't work well with the zombie entity together. Overall zombie count won't go down if I use them together lol. Nav meshes are done now and sounds too.

There will be some constant zombie spawn at the second route finale but it has a cool-down system. The cool-down system has 4 cool-down phases. The longer your survive the less zombie it will spawn and there will be only a handful of zombies (on easy almost none) if it reached the last cool-down phase. Also depending on the difficulty, the riot zombie encounter will be higher outside.

Prototyping a new objective atm which should make the second route finale more challenging and less run & gun.

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