Sunday, December 7, 2014

Big UPDATE! - ce_hotz v.0.99 - 1.19 BETA

I did a lot of things since the last update about the map content.
I played the map over 20 times, fixed a lot of minor bugs and added some new things!

Here is the list:

- Fully implemented the smartphone message system
- Added new details for the zombiespawns
- Balanced zombiespawns
- Improved nav meshes
- Added custom sounds
- Added custom signs for most of the rooms
- Added some small details for the loadingscreen
- Created the loadingscreen cover and workshop picture
- Balanced the weaponlist on normal
- Tweaked the weaponlist on hard and extreme ( Need more input for this )

To do list:

- Special thanks list for those who helped and supported me.
- Icon and addon screen
- Voice acting
- Readme.txt
- Upload and test it on the workshop

For those who can't wait for map release :D Grab and enjoy this wallpaper for the time being :)

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